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Smart Investments, Redlands, Ca.

Our Approach

Our Approach:  Everyone is different. We have similarities, but in the end, we are all custom built.  To do the best job possible, we think it is important for us to understand as much about our client as possible. We are interested in everything from previous experiences with investing to long range goals and plans. We will try hard to construct an investment plan to suit each clientís personal situation, and follow up periodically to make changes that make sense. In short, we approach each client and their investment program individually. We donít drop people in cubbyholes.

The First Meeting:  Gathering information is the usual first step, but ours will go beyond filling out an account application. We want to know who you are. What experiences you have had in the past. What worked the best and what failed. Your family members and their circumstances are important. We think that a basic understanding of your business, profession or employment is central to our program construction process. Itís not unusual for a first meeting to take more than one visit.  

Expectations: Investment programs vary widely from client to client. Some clients are oriented toward the more volatile growth areas, while others opt for more secure income oriented programs. We canít control the markets, but we will do everything possible to carefully explain the risks and rewards of our recommendations. We will make course corrections along the way. We think periodic update meetings are important Ė for both of us - so we recommend a quarterly meeting to review progress, discuss changes in your life or business, and to present our thoughts for upcoming program changes.